X-15 flights


Flight No. 138


X-15 patch

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Launch and landing data

Launch date:  29.06.1965
Launch time:  18:21 UTC (from B-52)
Altitude:  85.5 km
Landing date:  29.06.1965
Landing time:  18:32 UTC
max. speed:  5.522 km/h

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No.   Surname Given names Position Duration
1  Engle  Joe Henry  Pilot 10m 32,3sec 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Engle


All X-15 pilots who reached an altitude of more than 80 kilometers or 50 miles earned the astronaut wings.

Graphics / Photos

Joe Engle is greeted on the lakebed by his wife Mary, and two children, daughter Laurie and son Joe after the first of his three astronaut qualification flights. This was the sixth such astronaut flight in the X-15 program.
Joe Engle and his wife Mary share a moment on the lakebed after his first X-15 astronaut flight on 29 June 1965. Joe Engle before exiting the cockpit of X-15 no. 3 after landing on 29 June 1965.
Joe Engle talks to his young son, Joe, after his X-15 astronaut flight on 29 June 1965. Joe's wife Mary, and daughter Laurie look on.  


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