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Nancy Jane Sherlock


Nancy Currie-Gregg

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Personal data

Birthdate:  29.12.1958
Birthplace:  Wilmington, Delaware
Marital status:  married
Children:  one
Selection date:  17.01.1990
Selection group:  NASA-13
Position:  MSP
Status:  Ret. ??.??.2005


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  STS-57 Endeavour  MS  21.06. - 01.07.1993 9d 23h 44m 
2  STS-70 Discovery  MS  13.07. - 22.07.1995 8d 22h 20m 
3  STS-88 Endeavour  MS  04.12. - 16.12.1998 11d 19h 18m 
4  STS-109 Columbia  MS  01.03. - 12.03.2002 10d 22h 10m 
Total  41d 15h 32m 

Additional information

Bachelor of arts in biological science from Ohio State University, 1980; master of science in safety engineering from the University of Southern California, 1985; doctorate in industrial engineering from the University of Houston in 1997; Colonel, USA, Ret.; unsuccessful application for NASA astronaut group 12; hobbies: Swimming, triathlons, weight lifting, water skiing, scuba diving; 2002 she went to the Clemson University, but returned a week later to the Astronaut Office; later working as Safety and Mission Assurance Manager, Space Shuttle Program, Johnson Space Center; was since January 2005 employed by Sverdrup, Houston; 2005 – 2006 Senior Technical Advisor, Automation, Robotics and Simulation Division, Engineering Directorate, NASA, Johnson Space Center, Automation, Robotics & Simulation Division, Houston, Texas; 2006 – 2008 Engineering Directorate Deputy Director; 2008 – 2017 Principal Engineer / Chief Engineer, NASA Engineering & Safety Center, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas; leaving NASA in September 2017 after 30 years of serving; since September 2017 Professor of Engineering Practice, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University.


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