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Stanley David


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Personal data

Birthdate:  07.09.1939
Birthplace:  Portland / Oregon
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  16.01.1978
Selection group:  NASA-8
Position:  MSP
Status:  died 17.06.1989
Date of death  17.06.1989
Place of death:  Earle / Arkansas


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  STS-51D  MSP  12.04. - 19.04.1985 6d 23h 55m 
Total  6d 23h 55m 

Additional information

Bachelor of science from US Naval Academy, 1962; master of science in administration from George Washington University, 1970; Rear Admiral USNR; test pilot; was assigned for STS-33; hobbies: Flying, auto restoration, running, skiing; he died in a crash of a World-War-II-era training plane.
He was the PLT of the original STS-51F Spacelab-2 crew (this was the period of Griggs still being in STS-41F crew. However, STS-41F was cancelled and Karol Bobko's crew was given STS-51E mission instead which was, too, cancelled, with the crew finally flying on STS-51D). Sometime during STS-51E and STS-51D (beginning of January 1985) the managers realized that the proximity of two missions will not let Griggs to be adequately trained for STS-51F, so he replaced him with Roy Bridges (in fact, Griggs was then assigned to PLT of STS-51K, then STS-61K - the EOM mission).


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