Biographies of U.S. Astronauts


Terence Thomas "Tom"


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Personal data

Birthdate:  05.07.1952
Birthplace:  Bryan / Ohio
Marital status:  married
Children:  three
Selection date:  04.06.1985
Selection group:  NASA-11
Position:  CDR
Status:  Ret. 31.10.1997


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  STS-44  PLT  24.11. - 01.12.1991 6d 22h 50m 
2  STS-55  PLT  26.04. - 06.05.1993 9d 23h 40m 
3  STS-70  CDR  13.07. - 22.07.1995 8d 22h 20m 
4  STS-78  CDR  20.06. - 07.07.1996 16d 21h 47m 
Total  42d 18h 37m 

Additional information

Bachelor of science in civil engineering from USAF Academy, 1974; master of arts in public administration from Golden Gate University, 1982; Colonel, USAF, Ret.; USAF test pilot school class 83A; hobbies: Running, tennis, windsurfing; later he worked with Timken Company in Canton, Ohio; later he was president of Aviation Week.


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