Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates


William Barton


Personal data

Birthdate:  25.06.1916
Birthplace:  Ottumwa, Iowa
Marital status:  married
Children:  one
Selection date:  25.06.1958
Position:  Pilot
Status:  Ret. ??.??.1958
Day of death:  29.09.1968
Place of death:  Santa Catalina Channel, California

Additional information

Bachelor of Science from the University of California; military service (presumable Navy, was assigned in the pacific area during World War II - Pearl Harbour - he was pilot in the legendary "Buzz" Miller Squadron); following the end of war he became pilot for several airlines in the pacific area; since 1948/49 pilot for Douglas Aircraft; later he was assigned as detachment for Gene May to Edwards to be involved in the Navy rocket airplane program; he flew the D-558-2 Skyrocket (first flight with rocket propulsion on 26.01.1951) and the X-3 Stiletto (first flight on 20.10.1952); with the D-558-2 reached a new high altitude world record on 15.08.1951 (80.000 ft.); selected for the MISS project ("Man In Space Soonest"); it was planned to put a man into space in October 1960; the project was cancelled due of financial and technical problems; died in an aircraft crash.


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