Biographies of Astronaut and Cosmonaut Candidates

Hidalgo y Gómez

José Francisco Santiago


Personal data

Birthdate:  25.07.1949
Birthplace:  Mexico City
Marital status:  married
Children:  five
Selection date:  29.03.1985
Position:  PSP
Status:  Ret. ??.??.1985

Additional information

Mexican candidate for STS-61B; Aeronautical Engineering at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, IPN,1967 to 1971; Master of Science in Aerodynamics, 1971 to 1973; M.D. degree in Medicine and Surgery (Specialty in Human Factors), 1987 to 1994; Master in Business Administration, 1998 to 2000; Founder and Principal of the Centro Nacional de Vuelo Simulado until 1985; Aeronautical Engineer and Pilot at Mexicana Airlines from 1975 until 2007, when he retired with almost 20,000 flight hours mostly as Pilot in Command; General Director and Professor in the Colegio Aeronáutico Profesional of México; to date he is Deputy General Director of Safety and Aerial Services into the Mexican Secretariat for Communications and Transportation; hobbies: playing with his kids, helping his wife with her gardening, a little bit of the japanese martial arts philosophy and reading and listening to the classical music.


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