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Hans Marcus


Marcus Wandt

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Personal data

Birthdate:  22.09.1980
Birthplace:  Mora, Kopparberg
Marital status:  
Selection date:  23.11.2022
Position:  MSP
Status:  Ret. 09.02.2024


No. Mission Position Time Duration
1  Ax-3  MS  18.01. - 09.02.2024 21d 15h 40m 
Total  21d 15h 40m 
Patch Ax-3            

Additional information

Marcus graduated from the Sundsta-Älvkullen High School in 1999.
The same year, he became a patrol leader and airborne ranger with the Swedish Army Airborne Ranger School.
In year 2000, he began his studies at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, focusing on electronics and artificial intelligence, communication technology and basic space engineering. He received his master's degree in electrical engineering in 2007.
In 2001, Marcus attended University West in Trollhättan, Sweden, to study object-oriented programming and website engineering and design. He also enrolled in a medical training for engineers between Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
Marcus joined the Karlberg Military Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2003, where he received leadership training and took part in the military officer programme until 2005.
In 2004, Marcus joined the Swedish Air Force Flying Training School to attend basic flying training, which he completed in 2005, followed by basic fighter training in 2006.
In 2011, Marcus was trained to 4-ship lead with the Swedish Air Force Air Operations Commander School and trained to Captain at the Halmstad Military Academy.
From 2013 to 2014, Marcus attended the US Navy Test Pilot School at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, USA, graduating at the top of his class as an experimental test pilot.
Marcus also became a squadron commander and wing commander flying with the Swedish Air Force Operations Commander School.
Between 2003 and 2014, Marcus was active as a fighter pilot with the Swedish Air Force, including international exercises, operational testing, and operational deployment.
In 2006, Marcus founded and became the CEO of Intuitech AB, in Sweden, focusing on tactical training of fighter pilots.
From 2014, he was an experimental test pilot at SAAB Aeronautics in Linköping, Sweden, and a squadron commander and deputy chief test pilot between 2018 and 2019.
From 2020, Marcus was chief test pilot and head of flight operations at SAAB Aeronautics.
Throughout his academic and professional career, Marcus received various honours and awards for his outstanding performance as a student and pilot.
For the first time, ESA has established a reserve pool of astronauts. This reserve list is composed of astronaut candidates who were successful throughout the entire selection process but cannot be recruited at this point in time. Astronauts in the reserve remain with their current employers and will receive a consultancy contract and basic support. They will start basic training in case a flight opportunity has been identified.
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