Douglas Bruce Hawthorne

August 12, 1948 - September 25, 2009

Born in New York he was raised in New York, West Germany, Virginia and North Carolina. In 1962 his family settled in Tucson, Arizona.

He received a bachelor of science in broadcast communications and a master of science in journalism from the University of Arizona in 1983 and 1985, respectively.

While a graduate student, he carried several courses in library science, in which he learned to do library research. He has spent many hours studying the careers of space travelers and candidates, and has accumulated an extensive private library of space-related material.

Until 1987 he was a reporter, city editor and production chief for The Tombstone (Arizona) Epitaph and for Territorial Publishers in Tucson, Arizona.

In 1992 he published his first book "The Men and Women of Space". He worked for a second edition but this sadly was never published.