Links to more space websites:

Spaceflight Now
NASA Watch
NASA Websites
NASA Homepage
NASA Status Reports
Human Space Flight Gallery
NASA Astronaut Biographies
Russian Websites:
VideoCosmos Homepage (in English)
Aleksandr Anikeyev: Piloting Astronautics (in Russian and English)
Aleksandr Zhernov: Virtual Space Museum (in Russian and English)
Anatoly Zak: Russian Space Web (in English)
Other Space Agencies:
ASI Homepage (Italian Space Agency)
ASR - Agentia Spatiala Romana (Romanian Space Agency)
Austrian Space Agency (ASA)
Brazilian Space Agency (INPE)
British National Space Centre
CNES Homepage (French Space Agency)
Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE, Argentina) (Argentinian Space Agency)
Czech Space Office
Danish National Space Center (DNSC)
DLR Homepage (German Space Agency)
ESA Homepage (European Space Agency)
EAC Homepage (European Astronaut Corps)
Instituto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial (INTA) (Spanish Space Agency)
ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)
Israel Space Agency (ISA)
JAXA Homepage (Japanese Space Agency)
Magyar Urkutatási Iroda (Space Office of Hungary)
Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes (NIVR )
Norwegian Space Centre
Polish Space Research Centre
Swedish National Space Board (SNSB)
Swiss Space Office (SSO)
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA)
Independent Websites:
Astronautica (only in Italian)
Astronauts, Cosmonauts & Candidates (only in Russian)
Bill Harwood: CBS News Space Place
Dan Roam: Deep Cold
David Portree: Romance in Reality
David Shayler: Astro Info Service
Federation of American Scientists: Space Policy Project
Jacques van Oene: Spaceflight History Homepage
James Oberg's Homepage
Jonathan McDowell: Space Homepage
Jonathan McDowell: Jonathan's Space Report
Kozmonautika (only in Slovak)
Maciej Stolowski and Waldemar Zwierzchlejski: Loty kosmiczne (only in Polish)
Mark Wade: Encyclopedia Astronautica
Max Q (only in French)
Mike Armstrong: Microcom Systems Ltd.
Payekhali (only in French)
Robert Christy: Zarya - Soviet and Russian Spaceflight
Spacenet 99
Space Project Buran
Sven Grahn: Sven's Space Place
The Project Apollo Archive
Tom McKeever's Memorial Sites: High-Flight / Goflight
World Space Flight
space lessons for kids
Personal Websites of Astronauts and Cosmonauts
Buzz Aldrin
Anousheh Ansari
Jerome Apt
Oleg Artemyev
Anatoli Berezovoy
Patrick Baudry
Roberta Bondar
Scott Carpenter
Leroy Chiao
Scott Crossfield
Walter Cunningham
Charles Duke
Guy Gardner
Richard Garriott
Alexander Gerst
Richard Gordon
Duane Graveline
Thomas Jones
Mark Kelly
James Lovell
Edward Lu
Franco Malerba
Edgar Mitchell
Michael Mullane
Talgat Musabayev (only in Russian)
Story Musgrave
Wubbo Ockels
Dumitru Prunariu
Jerry Ross
Walter Schirra
Russell Schweickart
Mark Shuttleworth
Nicole Stott
Donald Thomas
Magomed Tolboyev
Franz Viehböck
Robert White
Alfred Worden
John Young
Others and Link-Lists:
Astronomy Resources
Ben Huset's Space News
Russian Space Science Internet Links
Commercial Websites:
Raumfahrt Concret
Raumfahrt-Info-Dienst (RID)
Scaled Composites
Space Service International (Exhibitions, leasing of space suits, seller of cosmonaut photos, lectures)