Benjamin Alvin Drew, Jr.

 Total EVAs:  2
 Total EVA time:  12h 48m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  28.02.2011  S. Bowen  6h 34m
They installed a power extension cable between the Unity and Tranquility nodes to provide a contingency power source should it be required. The spacewalkers moved the failed ammonia pump module that was replaced in August 2010 from an attachment bracket to a stowage platform adjacent to the Quest airlock. Drew and Bowen installed a piece of hardware that will go under a camera on the truss. They next replaced a guide for the rail cart system used for moving cargo along the truss. The guides were removed when the astronauts were performing work on the station's starboard Solar Alpha Rotary Joint.
 2  02.03.2011  S. Bowen  6h 14m
The astronauts removed thermal insulation from a platform, while Bowen swaped out an attachment bracket on the Columbus module. Bowen then installed a camera assembly on the Dextre robot then removed insulation from Dextre's electronics platform. Drew installed a light on a cargo cart and repair some dislodged thermal insulation from a valve on the truss then remove other insulation from Tranquility. The final task was be to "fill" a special bottle with space for a Japanese education payload. The bottle will be part of a museum exhibit for public viewing.

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