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Michael Timothy "Bueno" Good

 Total EVAs:  4
 Total EVA time:  29h 53m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  15.05.2009  M. Massimino  7h 56m
Changing out three boxes, each containing two of the telescope's six gyroscopes, and three batteries.
 2  17.05.2009  M. Massimino  8h 02m
Repairing and upgrade the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph and install a stainless steel blanket on Hubble's exterior. The blankets provide additional thermal protection for some equipment bays, replacing the existing multi-layer insulation that has degraded over time.
 3  19.05.2010  S. Bowen  7h 09m
Removing and replacing four of the six batteries on the port truss to store electricity from the solar arrays on that truss. The used batteries were installed on the cargo carrier for return to Earth on Atlantis. In addition to the original tasks they relieved a snagged cable that is preventing full use of the laser imager and video camera.
 4  21.05.2010  G. Reisman  6h 46m
Installing the final two new batteries on the truss and put the old batteries on the carrier. Next, they retrieved a grapple fixture from Atlantis' payload bay and brought it inside the station for use as a spare.