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John Daniel "Danny" Olivas

 Total EVAs:  5
 Total EVA time:  34h 28m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  11.06.2007  J. Reilly  6h 15m
Hooking up power cables to begin activation of the S3/S4 truss and starting to prepare the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint, also known as the SARJ, for activation
 2  15.06.2007  J. Reilly  7h 58m
Finishing removing the SARJ's launch locks and restraints so that it can be activated and repairing of the Shuttle's heat shield
 3  01.09.2009  N. Stott  6h 35m
Preparing for the replacement of an empty ammonia tank on the station's port truss, or backbone, by releasing its bolts. They also retrieved a materials processing experiment and a European science experiment mounted outside the Columbus laboratory and stowed them in Discovery's cargo bay for their return to Earth.
 4  03.09.2009  C. Fuglesang  6h 39m
Removing the new ammonia tank from the shuttle's payload bay and replacing it with the used tank on the station. The new tank, weighing about 1,800 pounds, was the most mass ever moved around by spacewalking astronauts. After the new tank was installed, the old one was stowed in the shuttle for its return to Earth.
 5  05.09.2009  C. Fuglesang  7h 01m
Preparing for the arrival of the Tranquility node by attaching cables between the starboard truss and the Unity node, the area where Tranquility will be installed. The spacewalkers also replaced a communications sensor device, installed two new GPS antennas and a new circuit breaker.