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Jerry Lynn Ross

 Total EVAs:  9
 Total EVA time:  57h 55m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  29.11.1985  S. Spring  5h 32m
Building of EASE and ACCESS without RMS
 2  01.12.1985  S. Spring  6h 41m
Building of EASE and ACCESS using the RMS
 3  07.04.1991  J. Apt  4h 26m
Deploying the large radio antenna of the GRO
 4  08.04.1991  J. Apt  5h 47m
Testing concepts for getting around the large space structures using CETA
 5  07.12.1998  J. Newman  7h 21m
Installation cable from Unity to Zarya-module
 6  09.12.1998  J. Newman  7h 02m
Mounting tools, unfolding solar cell structure
 7  12.12.1998  J. Newman  6h 59m
Mounting restraints, using SAFER
 8  13.04.2002  L. Morin  7h 30m
Mounting two large tripod legs of the truss to the Destiny Laboratory
 9  16.04.2002  L. Morin  6h 37m
Installing a ladder, testing electrical switches for upcoming truss expansion and attaching external light and equipment to be used in future assembly work