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Douglas Harry Wheelock

 Total EVAs:  6
 Total EVA time:  43h 30m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  26.10.2007  S. Parazynski  6h 14m
Retrieve and stow S-band Antenna Support Assembly, detach Node 2 ("Harmony") heater cables and remove cover from Node 2 aft berthing mechanism, stow grapple fixture on Node 2, disconnect Z1/P6 truss fluid lines, install shrouds on P6 radiator and Sequential Shunt Unit, move and attach Node 2 to Node 1 left-hand docking port with Station robotic arm, pressurise area between Node 1 and Node 2 hatches, perform leak check, open Node 1 hatch
 2  30.10.2007  S. Parazynski  7h 08m
The astronauts bolt P6 truss to P5 truss, attached P5 to P6 cabling, removed P6 radiator restraint and cover on Sequential Shunt unit and deploy radiator, configured squib firing unit on P1 truss, relocated main Bus Switching Unit from the Shuttle Cargo Bay to External Stowage Platform 2.
 3  03.11.2007  S. Parazynski  7h 19m
Attaching cufflink-like clips across the 15-foot width of the torn P6-4B solar array blanket to provide the strength needed to permit its full extension. This dramatic repair job was carried out successful.
 4  07.08.2010  T. Dyson  8h 03m
They removed hose clamps and then started disconnecting umbilicals from the broken space station coolant pump. However, difficulty unplugging one of the ammonia lines consumed a couple of hours and a leak seen from that connector once it finally cooperated prevented the astronauts from progressing any further in their work.
 5  11.08.2010  T. Dyson  7h 26m
Removing the old pump and stowing it on a payload attachment bracket on the Mobile Base System on the station's truss while preparing the replacement pump for its removal from a stowage platform adjacent to the Quest airlock and its installation on the truss during a third spacewalk.
 6  16.08.2010  T. Dyson  7h 20m
Installation of a spare ammonia pump module on the S1 Truss.