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Aleksei Nikolaevich Ovchinin

 Total EVAs:  1
 Total EVA time:  6h 01m

No. Date Together with Time Main tasks and notes
 1  29.05.2019  O. Kononenko  6h 01m
They installed handrails on the Russian segment between Poisk and Zarya modules, removed the thermosensor TP228 to get a Soyuz MS life time of 370 days, retrieved results of the experiment "Test" from the surface of the Poisk module, cleaned the windows on the research module Poisk, they had to remove the exposure devices for the space experiments "Test" and "Obstanovka" and placed them in an insulating container.

Russia and the U.S. define EVA differently. Russian cosmonauts are said to perform EVA any time they are in vacuum in a space suit. A U.S. astronaut must have at least his head outside his spacecraft before he is said to perform an EVA.
In this table, we apply the Russian definition to Russian EVAs, and the U.S. definition to U.S.EVAs.