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Crew Dragon


Patch Inspiration4 Patch Inspiration4 (SpaceX)

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Launch, orbit and landing data

Launch date:  16.09.2021
Launch time:  00:02:56 UTC
Launch site:  Cape Canaveral (KSC)
Launch pad:  39-A
Altitude:  190 - 575 km
Inclination:  51.6°
Landing date:  18.09.2021
Landing time:  23:06:49 UTC
Landing site:  80.3W, 28.8N
Crew Inspiration4

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alternative crew photo

alternative crew photo

alternative crew photo

alternative crew photo

alternative crew photo

alternative crew photo


No.   Surname Given names Position Flight No. Duration Orbits
1  Isaacman  Jared  CDR 1 2d 23h 03m 53s  46 
2  Proctor  Sian Hayley  PLT 1 2d 23h 03m 53s  46 
3  Arceneaux  Hayley  Private Astronaut 1 2d 23h 03m 53s  46 
4  Sembroski  Christopher Steven  Private Astronaut 1 2d 23h 03m 53s  46 

Crew seating arrangement

1  Isaacman
2  Proctor
3  Arceneaux
4  Sembroski
Crew Dragon cockpit
1  Isaacman
2  Proctor
3  Arceneaux
4  Sembroski

Backup Crew

No.   Surname Given names Position
1  Proctor *  Sian Hayley  CDR
2    * only if Isaacman    
3    is unable to fly    


Launch vehicle:  Falcon 9 (B1062.3)
Spacecraft:  Dragon 2 (D2 C207.2)


Launch from Cape Canaveral (KSC), Launch Complex 39-A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The travel group landed 50 kilometers northeast of Kennedy Space Center.

Inspiration4 marked the world's first all-civilian mission to orbit. The crew conducted experiments designed to expand our knowledge of the universe. Crew Dragon's cargo capacity was allocated for both crew essentials as well as scientific equipment dedicated to micro-gravity research and experimentation.

Inspiration4 assigned the maximum possible mass towards this valuable research, providing access to space for inspiring projects that are otherwise unable to overcome the high barriers of traditional space-based research. The mission was planned to include ultrasounds, microbe samples and a variety of in-flight health experiments (measure fluid shifts, record ECG activity, blood oxygen levels, heart rates, etc.) on the human bodies of ordinary citizens who have not been previously carefully screened and exhaustively trained as professional astronauts. The study of the effects of spaceflight on human health and performance was done in collaboration with SpaceX, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) at Baylor College of Medicine and investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine. During the journey, an alarm had sounded, and was found to be associated with an apparent toilet malfunction.


Inspiration4 rollout Inspiration4 launch
life onboard Crew Dragon Earth observation
Earth observation Inspiration4 landing
Inspiration4 recovery Inspiration4 recovery


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